Baby touch has many benefits, but these matters must not be ignored!

2021-09-24  492

We all know that massage has many advantages. It can regulate human function, dredge meridians, alleviate diseases and assist in treatment. Therefore, it has attracted more and more attention of modern people.

Of course, the baby can also be massaged, and the benefits are self-evident, but there are many precautions for massaging the baby. Next, grapefruit mother will tell you.

1. Massage strength

When massaging the baby, the most important thing to pay attention to is the massage strength, because the baby's body is still developing and fragile. It is easy to hurt the baby if you are not careful. Therefore, Bao's parents must master the strength when massaging the baby. They can't be too light or too heavy. Too light will lose the effect of massage, and too heavy will cause the baby to be injured.

2. Massage oil

Now many people will use massage oil to assist in massage, which can relieve the mood, decompress the skin, and finally achieve the purpose of health and beauty. However, the baby's skin is delicate. If you rashly use massage oil, it is likely to cause adverse irritation to the skin, so Bao's parents should try to avoid using massage oil for the baby.

3. Massage time

Choosing the right time for baby massage is also very particular. Choosing the wrong time for massage will have a series of negative effects on the baby. Some experts said that the best massage time is between meals. Bao's parents need to pay attention.

4. Face start

The baby is easily frightened and has insufficient sense of security. If Baoma and Baoda massage the baby from the back or feet, it is easy to scare the baby. So it's best to start with the baby's face, because in this way, the baby will see that his mother and father are massaging him, and the baby won't be so exclusive!

5. Don't damage your baby's skin because of friction

There are many Baoma and Baoda. For some reasons, the skin of their hands is not so smooth, and even there are some calluses. In this case, massage is easy to rub the baby's delicate skin, damage the baby's skin, and make the baby resist massage. Bao Ma Bao dad had better apply some baby lotion and baby oil to her hands, then rub them evenly, so that the skin of her hands will become smooth and then massage for the baby.

Benefits of baby massage:

Massage for your baby has many benefits. First, it can reduce your baby's bad mood, improve sleep quality, and promote your baby's intellectual development and growth. When Baoma and baopa massage the baby, they can also deepen the parent-child relationship and let the baby feel the strong love of their parents.

It's a good thing to massage your baby, but don't lead to good things and bad things because of the negligence of some details. Bao's parents must pay attention to it.