Talking about the direction of entrepreneurship from the maternal and infant industry

2021-09-24  436

Many baomoms have to slow down everything since they have children. Even some baomoms are "isolated" after giving birth to children. They are not as capable as before and their thinking can't change. However, some Baoma will re recognize an industry, that is, the mother and child industry, and want to start again to create their own career paradise.

Ms. Lin is the second type of person. During her confinement, Ms. Lin has begun to think about how to live in the future. After all, mother and baby products are indispensable, but there is too much pressure. During this period, Ms. Lin began to understand the mother and baby industry and made a detailed investigation on various local mother and baby companies.

First, as a mother, Ms. Lin is strict with the quality of mother and baby products, and the offline mother and baby stores can better observe the product quality and look for the needs. From the perspective of investors, Ms. Lin found that the mother and baby industry must be willing to invest, but the mother and baby quality must be better. Especially in the current environment, children are the treasure of the family.

Parents will be willing to buy things for their children. After giving birth, Ms. Lin made a field visit to several larger mother and Baby Companies in the local area and wanted to cooperate. However, she found that several mother and baby companies were asking exorbitant prices and their brands were uneven. Just when Ms. Lin felt that she was looking for the wrong industry development, Datang mother and baby appeared in front of her.

Ms. Lin thinks that Datang's mother and baby are very reliable, because when chatting with the founder Mr. Tang, she found that there is a big gap in the quality of mother and baby products. Some are easy to make popular models, but it is difficult to produce long-term effects. Although the overall profit of maternal and infant products is high, the cost is higher. The brands of all mother and baby products of Datang mother and baby company are relatively complete, and there is always one suitable for your baby.

In this way, Ms. Lin invested and opened a Datang mother and baby store. The business is very good. Even some mother and baby stores around her are not complete in products. The surrounding guests prefer Ms. Lin's Datang mother and baby store. Ms. Lin looks at the store and takes care of her children in this way, which also realizes economic freedom. Do you have such trouble as Ms. Lin?