Baby massage precautions, often give baby massage can become smart

2021-09-24  491

Baby massage precautions

1. Do not give abdominal massage to newborn babies because the umbilical cord has not fallen off or healed.

2. infants and young children's skin is tender, so massage should first prepare baby oil or baby lotion, so as to reduce the friction force during massage. If the infant's skin is dry, the moisturizing lotion should be selected. Before massage, the baby oil or emulsion is poured into the palm of the hand, then rubbed together with hot hands to massage.

3. When massaging a baby, you should start with the face, then the trunk, and then the limbs.

4. The massage should be moderate, not too light or too heavy, and it is appropriate for the baby to feel comfortable.

5. The best time for massage is between meals. It must not be carried out just after the meal, so as not to cause the baby to vomit.

6. The massage environment should be in a warm and comfortable room, preferably around 25 ℃, and keep the room quiet and tidy.

7. Before massage, the baby should be quiet and not crying. During massage, pay attention to the baby's reaction at any time. If he doesn't look comfortable, he should reduce his strength or stop the massage first.