Baby massage has so many benefits! Follow suit, baby eats well and sleeps soundly

2021-09-24  501

Many mothers know that touching has many benefits for the baby, and often learn some techniques to help the baby do touching. Today, I share with you the benefits, techniques and precautions of touching.

What are the benefits of touching your baby?

1. Enhance mother infant communication and promote the development of nervous system

The mother's hand touching the baby's skin can stimulate the baby's skin sensory nerve perception.

And emotional communication is also the initial benign stimulation of brain growth. In the process of touching, the mother's soft language, friendly eye communication and pleasant mood all play a positive role in promoting the development of the baby's nervous system.

2. Deepen the baby's sleep depth and prolong the sleep time

The study found that compared with non touching babies, regular touching babies sleep an average of 1 ~ 1.5 hours a day.

3. Improve the baby's digestive system function and increase appetite

Touching can enhance the excitability of neonatal vagus nerve, increase the secretion of gastrin and insulin, and promote food digestion and absorption.

The stimulation of touching the abdomen accelerates the intestinal movement and promotes the excretion of fetal stool as soon as possible. When the baby digests well, the appetite will naturally come up.

4. Promote the recovery of premature infants

Studies have shown that premature infants who receive touch can be discharged from hospital 6 days early on average.

5. Relieve the baby's anxiety and reduce crying

How to touch the baby?

1. What preparations should be made before touching?

① Touching environment: the room layout shall be warm and comfortable, the indoor temperature shall be 25 ~ 28 ℃, the humidity shall be 50% ~ 60%, the light shall be soft, and some soft music shall be played.

② Requirements for touching people: parents do not wear rings and leave long nails. Wash their hands before touching. The baby is naked and can wear diapers.

③ Touch time: touch the newborn from 2 days after birth. It is best to arrange 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes after taking a bath, before taking a nap or going to bed at night.

2. Touch technique, duration and sequence

Touch sequence:

Head and face → chest → abdomen and limbs → hands and feet → back

Standard touch method: in order to reduce friction and irritation, warm your hands before touching, pour some baby moisturizing oil or touch oil into the palm of your hand, apply both hands evenly, and slide gently on the baby's skin.

Note that the palm should not leave the baby's skin, with appropriate strength. The action should be light at the beginning of touching, and then gradually increase the pressure, 3 ~ 5 times for each action.

Specific methods:

Head and face

1. Push the thumb of both hands from the center of forehead to both sides;

2. Slide the thumb of both hands outward and upward from the center of the mandible;

3. Two palms from the forehead to the back of the pillow, and the middle fingers of both hands stop at the mastoid process behind the ears.


Both hands touch the baby's right lower abdomen clockwise through the upper abdomen to the left lower abdomen, avoiding the umbilicus.


Grasp one arm of the baby with both hands, squeeze and pinch gently from the upper arm to the wrist alternately, and rub the large muscle groups.

The leg technique is the same as the arm, slide from the thigh to the ankle, rub the large muscle groups, and the tiger's mouth is facing the baby's foot.


Make the baby prone, and slide the two palms on both sides of the spine from the center to both sides.

Precautions when touching the baby

1. Don't touch your baby when he is tired and upset.

2. When the baby has teeth, massaging the face and kissing the small face can help the baby's facial muscles relax.

3. When touching, make eye contact and friendly language with the baby to keep the baby in a happy state all the time.

4. Don't force the baby to be in a fixed position.

5. Stop touching if the baby has the following conditions: vomiting, crying, skin color change, increased muscle tension or body tension, etc.

6. Do not get the touch oil into the baby's eyes.